Brag Tag Challenge

Metro Detroit Brag Tag Challenge – 2010


Brag Tag Committee: Scott ‘Bernie’ Burnham, John ‘Wizard’ Minicuci, & Ryan ‘ChimChim Bauer’





This is a fun, voluntary, disc golf event used as a fundraiser for local course improvements.

When two or more players, all who have the same color bag tag, play for the right to win the lowest bag tag number in that challenge.

Tags are $10.00 each, with 100% of the proceeds going into the course improvement fund.

Golfers may own more than one tag-as long as they qualify for each division!

All tag players must have his/her tag(s) with them, at all times, on the course.

Brag Tag Challenge will begin Sunday March 14, 2010 at The March MudFest – we will hold the random drawing for tags before the first round.  (the #1 tags will be handed-out at this event-lowest tags to those in attendance)





At the end of the season, bag taggers will get to keep his/her current tag(s) as a memento.

The MCCG Finale (Oct.16) will be the site of the Brag Tag Finale.

We will be awarding a small prize for the lowest numbered tag won for these divisions:  Pro, AM I, Masters, AM II / III, Women, Junior (if 4+ participate).

At registration of the MCCG Finale, you must enter all of your tag(s) into all divisions which you own tags.

Bag Tag owners who play during an all-in or at the finale without entering his/her qualifying tag will be suspended the next season.  (Hundich Rule)

After the finale, tags will be reassigned based upon finishing order, within tag divisions.

The lowest numbered tag won in each division, (see prize rule #3) will be that division’s  winner for 2010.


Please note the following:


Divisions will be based on the following guidelines as determined by current PDGA.

Rating or if no PDGA # then league average will be used:

Open (pro); AMI (935+); Master (age 40+); AMII (900+) / AMIII (850+)

Women & Juniors (may be added depending on participation)





League & Tournament play:  When you play any organized round of disc golf (minimum of 9 holes) in the Metro Detroit area (league and tournaments), you automatically have a challenge with all the same color 2010 Brag Tag holders on your card, per round. You may not deny this challenge. This challenge does not have to be publicly announced or agreed upon before the start of the round, as it is automatic.

Cross-color challenges are NOT allowed.

Right of challenge refusal rule goes to the higher numbered, same colored, tag.

Lower numbered tags must accept a challenge, as outlined by challenge rules #4-14.

Lower numbered tag gets to choose where (local!) and when in an accepted challenge.

All challenges must be played as soon as reasonably possible, but within a two-week period.

A personal challenge will be automatically resolved when the challengers are playing in any organized event from the same tee pads.

The card challenge is resolved before a personal challenge.

A player can play a second challenge while an accepted challenge is unresolved.

You may accept a rematch challenge from a player that you have just beaten but are not required to do so.  (Jose rule)

In the event of a tie, it can be resolved by a sudden death playoff or CTP whatever is mutually agreed upon.  But, if time does not allow or there is not an agreement then the player who started with the lowest numbered Brag Tag retains the lowest numbered tag.

A player who DNF’s will automatically take the greatest number tag available on his/her card before he/she leaves.  (Rooster Rule)

Doubles play is eligible for tag challenges. However, all four golfers must each have the same colored tag. The winning team will take the two lowest numbered tags.

Stroke or match play is acceptable, as long as all players are in agreement with the format.

All mandatory challenges end with the Bag Tag Finale on October 16, 2010.

Bag Tag owners must participate.  (Ziggy Rule)

If there are complaints of non-activity then the BTC may be forced to take disciplinary action.





On Monday nights there will be a $1, 50/50 CTP for bag taggers only!

If an Ace is hit on the 50/50 hole, the Ace thrower is awarded the entire 50/50 pot.

There were will be ‘mandatory-in’ nights at MCCG.  Not all tags are required though:  top 10 pro, top 25 am, top 5 women, & top 5 master are required.  The rest is optional.  The tags will be reissued according to that night’s scores. (Donna Dennis Rule)

Intentional abuse (defacing ,destroying, or throwing away) of the current year tag is in violation of the rules and will result in a replacement fee.  (BMan Buchholz Rule)

The original owner will sign the back of his/her new 2010 tag (nothing offensive please!) which will make each tag that much more unique.  (Doom Rule!)

A lost tag will result in a replacement fee of $5. (Rooster Rule #2)

Tags may be sold or a traded to a NEW participant only under special situations (injury, relocation, etc.).  (Mike Henry Rule)

Participants must agree with these rules and follow them. Failure to do so could result in being suspended from this activity the following season and having a rule named after you.

The Brag Tag Challenge Rules are subject to change and the BTC will handle all disputes.

The BTC reserves the right to revoke your Bag Tag at its discretion.